“10 Bananas” 10R: first major regatta

First Regatta for the 3d printed 10R

Three  new sets of sails, a flurry of registration things to do, a brief couple of runs at the local club to check overall balance and sailability … then off to the NSW State Titles in Sydney.

Yep, I was under prepared but didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get “10 Bananas”  in the water against some of the best 10R sailors in Australia.

As would be expected I had a fair share of teething problems but overall for a new concept radio yacht I was rather pleased with the effort. Now back to the think tank and be more prepared for the next regatta just after Xmas. I definitely need more practice in sloppy ocean conditions rather than cruising around our club pond on flat water.

Following is a montage of images taken by a photographer and long term friend of mine, Mike Titus,  during the two day regatta.

A big positive was that the new thermoplastic I am now using stood up to the rough and tumble of a fast and furious weekend (A, B and C rigs), taking a number of solid hits without a scratch or damage. A number of the carbon hulls were damaged during the weekend. So, all looking great there.

Thanks again to Bill Hagerup for his magic with the hull design. Beautifully balanced from the start.

Enjoy the images. If you didn’t realise, the bright yellow 10R is “10 Bananas”.