“Wooowww, I Am Gobsmacked”… beautifully smooth, lightweight and rigid hulls

“Wooowww, I Am Gobsmacked”

Selwyn, I just got a box of goodies. 

 I am gobsmacked!  The quality of the printing is amazing….just fantastic.  And 4 hulls,  so I can share with friends.  Keels look great, and bulbs will be fun to try, too.

 Can’t thank you enough.

The finish is so nice on this stuff…your hard work has really paid off.  There is no doubt in my mind that you have turned 3D printing into a viable competitor to any other hull-construction method.

 Congratulations……….and thank you…thank you!


Bill Hagerup’s email to me on receiving his postage box full of hulls, fins and bulbs.

A pair of lightweight Footy Class Yachts