Welcome the IOM 3D Skiff

The IOM 3D Skiff

Yes, this is another 3D printed IOM design.

The origin is based on a fast big boat design from Europe. Bill and I got talking about the prominent fore deck edge running down towards the water line at the bow. It seemed like a good idea for a number of reasons. The most obvious was it kept bouyancy upfront below the waterline and also allowed us to reintroduce the “submarine” shaped top deck to help spill water during the ducking periods when it gets gusty going down wind.

So we married the fore deck down slope with a rather different hull shape for an IOM. I had just finished and sailed the rather nicely balanced 10R Skiff design from Bill, so it seemed reasonable that we put a similar  fresh shape under this new deck. It has a strong U shape cross section and a flat V shape longitudinally.

With the first outing, it was obvious from the start in a modest 5-10 km/h breeze that I wasn’t going to have any trouble keeping up with the best in the club. As I got used to it through the day, I managed to get it to do better and better. 

Again, the pictures tell the story. The internal design is the same as the Sabre series with the waterproof winch and servo boxes plus the very effective and waterproof exit slots for the sheeting and rudder rod at the rear,