The Making of IOM Sabre Plus

The Making of IOM “Sabre Plus”

Here is the prototype trail that has led to the latest design.

  1. The beginning 

2. The Sabre series


3. And now the wider Sabre Plus

The golden Beta Sabre with it’s strong chines and slim lines has turned out to be an excellent performer.

So this lead naturally onto the design and making of the red nosed Sabre Plus. The thinking was to see if there was any improved wave performance with the wider (by 20 mm) hull. This has added extra bouyancy at the bow and certainly holds it up going through modest, short wavelength waves. 

It is early days and will need some larger ocean waves to see if this prototype is going in the right direction. After two sessions, the signs are very encouraging.

The big advantage in building these hulls is that the increase in hull width was set in seconds with the tap of a few keys and it was printing within 5 minutes. I still pinch myself every time I pop a hull on the printer. Also, the internal parts are all standardised now and I rarely have to redesign a new part. Even the Banana IOM series share the same running gear as the Sabre Series. Basic but very reliable design.

Materials used in the Sabre Plus include PetG hull and rudder, PLA for major internals fittings (keel box, water proof housings etc.) and ABS trialed in various supports for strengthening. This boat is also a test bed for the three main materials I use now. 

The following images tell the story from here.