B3 IOM is in the Water

B3 IOM is in the Water

The Bananas keep coming. 

B3 is the third variant of the Banana IOM Series that started with basic research on hydrodynamic flow across the forward surface of the Footy Class. 

This one uses new materials in different orientations and is a different twist to B1 and B2. Again all part of the ongoing research.

The materials used here include PLA, Pet G, ABS and some interesting epoxy techniques I learnt recently. As stated elsewhere at some stage soon I’ll publish an article outlining the discoveries.

If you are into 3d printing yourself I would encourage you to try extreme and out of the box ideas to see if anything new can be turned. Don’t be afraid to try new materials, temperatures, speeds, different sized nozzles etc etc. It seems almost endless the permutations and combinations available to us.

An afternoon of sailing at the club against some good boats showed this design is similar to B1 and B2 in performance. It won the majority of the races through the day, so was very encouraging. I’m now going to register this to follow the local GP circuit for a while here on the east coast of Australia. 

It is hard to pick a favourite but… but this one is also a “keeper”. Another great design from Bill.

Again, the images tell the story.